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Notes from the Field: “Follow the Sun” / Catching up with U.S. Banks in Phoenix

One of our themes for the U.S. banks is to “follow the sun”, which refers to our emphasis on banks domiciled in the higher population growth states/metropolitan statistical area[1] (“MSAs”). Every single one of the 15 faster growing large MSAs (i.e., those with populations in excess of 1.5 million people) are located in the (sunny) Southeast, Southwest, and West.

Notes from the Field: Everything’s Peachy in Atlanta

A recent trip to Atlanta gave us a chance to meet with executives from several publicly traded banks headquartered in Georgia, as well as some of their commercial customers and a local land broker. Seven months after the election of an administration with ambitions of pro-growth policies and reforms that renewed investor interest in U.S. bank stocks, the trip presented a good opportunity to check in…

Notes from the Field: At Home with the Challengers of U.K. Banking

During a recent trip to London, we had the opportunity to sit down with executives from six UK-based banks, including teams from two High Street banks and four from what are commonly referred to as “Challenger banks”.  In this note, we review our stance on U.K. banks, provide a brief breakdown of the market, and discuss our key takeaways from the trip.

Canadian Banks: More Risky vs. Less Risky Loans in One Chart

At present, the Canadian banks have outstanding asset quality. Although provisions rose notably for the second consecutive quarter in Q2, provision and gross impaired loan ratios remain below long-term averages. With Q3 reporting beginning August 23rd, we believe the market will be focused on two areas of potential deterioration: (i) energy loans (which have been driving higher loan losses), and (ii) Alberta consumer, particularly uninsured.

One Chart on Stress Test Highlights the Diversity of European Banks

The Hamilton Capital Global Bank ETF (HBG; TSX) is expected, over time, to hold ~25% exposure to European banks. Prominent among the ETF’s identified objectives is to generate yield and to limit volatility. As a result, in the European portfolio, HBG places a significant emphasis on Northern European countries which are – on balance – wealthier than Canada/U.S. and have higher forecast GDP growth, and whose…

Notes from the Field: BofAML Insurance Conference 2016

We recently attended Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s 2016 Insurance Conference in New York, where we took in presentations by 27 insurance companies, with representatives from the life, property and casualty (P&C), reinsurance and mortgage insurance sub-sectors. Most of the companies presenting were U.S.-based (and listed), with several Bermuda and Europe-domiciled reinsurers, and a Canadian P&C insurer also in attendance. Notwithstanding the location of their headquarters,…

European Trip to London, Frankfurt, and Madrid: Notes from the Field

A recent trip to Europe – 3 days in London at a European financial services conference, and 1 day field trips to Frankfurt and Madrid – gave us an opportunity to meet with executives from more than 25 financial services companies and agencies (including 19 banks and 3 insurers) representing 9 countries. Notably, the trip reinforced our European investment thesis, although a disparity of country and…

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