Commentary: HCB

Globe & Mail on HCB: Unique Canadian Bank ETF

The Globe & Mail was quick to cover our latest ETF, the Hamilton Capital Canadian Bank Variable-Weight ETF (HCB), launched on October 1, 2018. The article explains how a mean-reversion strategy can offer long-term performance and reduced risk, referencing 3rd party backtesting of an almost identical strategy. HCB offers Canadian investors a smart mean-reversion approach to owning Canada’s “Big Six” banks, in a convenient, low-fee ETF.…

Canadian Banks: Mean-Reversion Strategy for Higher Returns/Lower Risk

On October 2nd, 2018, Hamilton Capital will be launching the Hamilton Capital Canadian Bank Variable-Weight ETF (HCB). This ETF will consist of the Big-6 Canadian banks, rebalanced monthly to capitalize on the long-term mean reversion tendencies of the sector. Specifically, it will overweight the three most oversold banks from the prior month (to ~80%) and underweight the three most overbought banks (to ~20%). Please note: The…

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