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BNN Bloomberg: Royal Bank Q3 Earnings & Canadian Banks Outlook

Rob Wessel was on BNN Bloomberg this morning to discuss Q3 earnings results for RBC and our outlook for the Canadian banks and the Hamilton Canadian Bank Variable-Weight ETF (HCB). Note to Reader: This Insight includes references to certain Hamilton ETFs that were active at the time of writing. On June 29, 2020, the following mergers took place: (i) Hamilton Global Financials Yield ETF and Hamilton…

HCB: A New Strategy for Bank Investors (Wealth Professional Article)

Wealth Professional interviewed Rob Wessel, Managing Partner at Hamilton Capital, following the launch of the Hamilton Capital Canadian Bank Variable-Weight ETF (HCB). The interview covers mean reversion trends and how they are incorporated into HCB, how the strategy might lower risk in period of market turbulence. Click here to read more.

BNN: Canadian Banks Read-Through from U.S. Financials Earnings

Rob Wessel appeared on BNN this morning to talk about the Canadian banks. Rob discussed the implications to the Canadian bank profitability from the earnings reported by the U.S. large-cap financials thus far. He also talked about the firm’s new ETF, the Hamilton Capital Canadian Bank Variable-Weight ETF (HCB) as a vehicle to gain exposure to mean reversion, one of the most popular themes in Canadian…

Globe & Mail on HCB: Unique Canadian Bank ETF

The Globe & Mail was quick to cover our latest ETF, the Hamilton Capital Canadian Bank Variable-Weight ETF (HCB), launched on October 1, 2018. The article explains how a mean-reversion strategy can offer long-term performance and reduced risk, referencing 3rd party backtesting of an almost identical strategy. HCB offers Canadian investors a smart mean-reversion approach to owning Canada’s “Big Six” banks, in a convenient, low-fee ETF.…

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