PFIC Annual Information Statements

Investors who own Canadian exchange traded funds and who file U.S. tax returns may be considered to be holders of a Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC). Note that all U.S. citizens and green card holders are required to file a U.S. tax return even if they are residents of Canada or another country. Other Canadian residents with significant ties to the U.S. may also be required to file U.S. tax returns.

A PFIC is defined under U.S. tax rules which are intended to prevent U.S. taxpayers from securing preferential tax treatment, such as tax deferrals, from investing in foreign securities instead of U.S. securities. To help investors who file U.S. tax returns avoid the negative consequences of owning a PFIC, Hamilton ETFs is providing PFIC annual information statements for its funds. This allows U.S. taxpayers to elect to treat these ETFs as “Qualified Electing Funds” (QEFs) on their U.S. tax returns which gives U.S. investors access to capital gains tax rates on their holdings of these funds.

The following is a summary of the annual T3 factors on a per unit basis for each of the Hamilton ETFs. Please note that these amounts and proportions may vary from year to year.

For the Year Ended April, 30 2022

TickerFundClassOrdinary Earnings (US$)
Per Unit/Day
Net Capital Gains (US$)
Per Unit/Day
Cash/Property Distributions (US$)
Per Unit/Year
HBAHamilton Australian Bank Equal-Weight Index ETFE0.00258072550.00332191531.5157795557
HCAHamilton Canadian Bank Mean Reversion Index ETFE0.00897372890.00000000002.2304254383
HCALHamilton Enhanced Canadian Bank ETF E0.00000000000.00007346772.8361723618
HDIVHamilton Enhanced Multi Sector Covered Call ETFE0.00126308980.00000000000.9035851433
HFGHamilton Global Financials ETFE0.00050904740.00512662481.4076762361
HFINHamilton Enhanced Canadian Financials ETFE0.00112838530.00000000000.1700098899
HFTHamilton Financials Innovation ETFE0.00000000000.00040812410.3531169559
HUMHamilton U.S. Mid/Small-Cap Financials ETFE0.00088472530.00281270210.5189876011
HYLDHamilton Enhanced U.S Covered Call ETFE0.00000000000.00000000000.3243563598
HYLD.UHamilton Enhanced U.S Covered Call ETFU0.00000000000.00000000000.4360324356



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