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TORONTO, October 16, 2018 – Hamilton Capital today announced that the name of its exchange-traded fund, the Hamilton Capital Canadian Bank Dynamic-Weight ETF is, effective immediately, changed to the Hamilton Capital Canadian Bank Variable-Weight ETF (the “ETF” or “HCB”). Class E units for the ETF continue to trade under the ticker HCB on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The investment objective of HCB, which is to generate long-term returns consisting of long-term capital growth as well as regular dividend income by investing in an equity portfolio of Canadian banks while employing a proprietary rules-based portfolio rebalancing methodology, remain unchanged.


Monthly Distributions

Hamilton Capital is also pleased to announce the monthly distributions for HCB for the fourth quarter of 2018.

The ex-dividend date for each month’s distribution is indicated in the table below (column, “Ex-dividend date”), for all unitholders of record on the applicable date (in the table, “Record date”). The distributions will be paid in cash, or if the unitholder has enrolled in the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP), reinvested in additional units of HCB, on or about the estimated pay date (“Pay date”) indicated in the table.

ETF Name Ex-dividend date Record date Pay date Distribution per Unit Annualized Yield 1 
Hamilton Capital Canadian Bank Variable-Weight ETF Oct.30, 2018 Oct.31, 2018 Nov.13, 2018 $0.042 3.32%
Nov.29, 2018 Nov.30, 2018 Dec.12, 2018 $0.042 3.32%
Dec.28, 2018 Dec.31, 2018 Jan.11, 2019 $0.042 3.32%

1. Calculated using the October 12, 2018 net asset value per unit, which is available on Hamilton Capital’s website.

Distributions will vary from period to period, and the December 2018 distribution may be amended higher in December in order to avoid HCB having a tax liability for 2018.

About Hamilton Capital Partners Inc.

Hamilton Capital is an investment manager headquartered in Toronto. Specializing in global financial services, its team of professionals has over 60 years of experience. The firm employs a specialized investment process, augmented by proprietary research, analysis, and analytical tools to manage its portfolio of investment products. Hamilton Capital is an active commentator on the global financial services sector. The firm’s most recent Insights can be found at www.hamilton-capital.com.

For further information: Patrick Sommerville, Partner, Managing Director of Business Development, 416-941-9250, psommerville@hamilton-capital.com, or Daniel Carthew, Manager, Business Development, 416-941-9681, dcarthew@hamilton-capital.com.

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