Robert Webb — Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

U.S. Mid-Cap Financials — HUM Outperforms with Considerable Recovery Upside Remaining

The U.S. financials have been showing strong momentum this year outperforming the S&P 500[1], fueled by increased economic optimism and investor sentiment. The Hamilton U.S. Mid-Cap Financials ETF (HUM) has been the top performing U.S. financials/ banks ETFs in Canada since inception (see below). That said, following earnings season, the large-cap financials, which typically set the tone for the rest of the sector, are leading the…

HFG — The Secret Bull Market in Global Financials

The Hamilton Global Financials ETF (HFG) continues to benefit from excellent performance, having materially outperformed Canadian financials in the last 1, 2, and 3-year periods with lower volatility. Despite the global financial sector’s strong performance over the last six months, there has been remarkably little discussion about it as current interests (AI, the “magnificent 7”, and a fixation on the Federal Reserve/the path for interest rates)…

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