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Are the Canadian Banks Becoming Too Powerful? (Globe and Mail)

Over the past few years, the Canadian banks have been praised for avoiding the worst of the global financial crisis. This success is firmly rooted in public policy (and good management) since, for much of the past century, Canadian policy makers – i.e., governments and regulators – sought to create a very powerful and Canadian-controlled banking system. Click to Download»

That Was Then, This is Now: Comparing the European Debt Crisis to the Credit Crisis (Globe and Mail)

Europe’s current sovereign debt crisis bears many similarities to the recent U.S. Credit Crisis. Both crises involve(d) two roughly $14 trillion dollar economies weakened under the weight of too much leverage, particularly within the financial system. Both have seen central bankers provide unprecedented monetary accommodation as they struggle for ways to support economic growth. What’s more, bank stocks have acted in both cases as a daily…

The Canadian Banks – The End of an Era (Globe and Mail)

On May 26th, the Globe and Mail featured our piece entitled, “The Canadian Banks – The End of an Era”. This article is based on material researched for our investor luncheons last fall by the same name. This “Special Comment” expands on the contents of the article with additional commentary for the benefit of our investors. Click to Download»

U.S. Banking: A wounded giant on the mend (Globe and Mail)

Like the U.S. itself, the banking sector south of the border is a wounded giant, battered and bruised from a historic financial crisis and deep recession. With approximately 8,000 deposit-taking institutions (for simplicity, referred to here as just “banks”), and $7.5-trillion (U.S.) in loans, the system’s return to health is crucial to a durable recovery in the U.S. economy.

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