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Australian Banks Outperformed the Canadian Banks During the Global Financial Crisis

It is well known that the Canadian banks performed very well during the financial crisis relative to their global peers, and the U.S. banks in particular. However, what is less well known is that the Australian banks did even better than the Canadian banks, generating higher returns from 2007 through 2009, the years encompassing the financial crisis (see chart below). As we explain in “Dividend-Heavy Australian…

Dividend-Heavy Australian Financials: History of Outperformance vs. Canadian Peers

All Canadian bank investors know that the sector has experienced very good performance over the past ten to fifteen years. However, most are less familiar with Australia, which actually has a history of long-term outperformance relative to the Canadian financials, with virtually identical volatility. Interestingly, as a testament to the strength of the Australian financial sector, its banks even outperformed the Canadian banks during the global…

March 2016 Update | Australian Banks: Profitable Banking Sector in a Wealthy Country

In this note, we provide a review of the Australian economy and banking system, highlighting the most important issues facing the sector. Australia is a wealthy country with an oligopoly banking sector, with banks known for their profitability, strong credit metrics, and high dividend yields. Current headwinds facing the economy, which will impact the banking system, include elevated real estate prices and a downturn in the…

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